The New Vision Group!

Many people have asked the question, “When will normal people step up to represent the voice of the people?” The answer is now!

Meet the New Vision for Chemung County legislative candidates! Learn about our shared positions and goals, as well as the relatable life experience we have that will allow us to work for the people of Chemung County.

There are 15 seats in the Chemung County Legislator and there is a New Vision Candidate for 12 of those seats.  These are not career politicians but instead they are your next door neighbors.  People from all walks of life, business owners, carpenters, stay-at-home mom… we even have a pastor and a farmer in our group!

All of these candidates are ready to bring new vision to Chemung County!

Todd Moss, District 10

Find the New Vision Candidate in your District

Lawana Morse District 1

Lawana is a bookkeeper, she is smart, tough, and a consistent advocate for freedom. She will prioritize communication between the Towns of Catlin and Veteran (the district is entirely these towns) and the County, and just make a wonderful all around Legislator. Lawana is qualified and ready to serve.

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Jon Pitman District 2

Jon hails from Big Flats and has been married to his wonderful wife, Melissa for 18 years. They have three children. Jon attended Heartland Baptist Bible College and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2001. He currently serves as the Pastor of Central Baptist Church in Corning, New York.

Jon has work experience in several areas, including graphic design, custom sign fabrication, retail, construction, and the restaurant industry. He has also worked as an ESL teacher and as a substitute teacher. Jon’s main profession is his ministry at Central Baptist Church. He feels that pastoring a church has prepared him to step up as Chemung County Legislator by showing him how to serve other people and help them solve problems. He has built his ministry on putting others’ needs first.

As a pastor, Jon has also learned how to manage a large budget year by year by keeping it balanced and in the black. His faith has given him a solid anchor in his life and ministry, and he believes it will serve him well in the political sphere as well.

Jon is conservative, and he describes himself as uninterested in politics. He has a heart for helping and serving the people of Chemung County and feels strongly about several issues, including, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, deregulation for local businesses, and current social issues.

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Joe Brennan District 4

Fifteen years ago, a 22 year old Joe Brennan was inaugurated as the youngest legislator in Chemung County history. Reflecting on that time brings great pride in what we have been able to accomplish together. Every constituent request has been handled with care and concern, and I’ve always made myself available to the public. Each area of the district is driven regularly, so I can note any road issues that may need to be addressed.
Youthful, yet experienced, I am now in a position to make myself available to assist new candidates seeking to make a difference. Overcoming the issues we face as a community will require fresh thinking and new voices. Bringing up a new generation of leaders in Chemung County will do just that. All it requires is for men and women of courage to stand up.
I will be a candidate for reelection to the County Legislature in 2022, because Horseheads is full of very special people, and they deserve to have an advocate for the values that have made our community such a beautiful place to live. My family and I appreciate your support.

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Ken Miller District 5

I would like to work closely with our County Executive to further the economic development of our County. What we have been doing is not enough we need people who are willing to put in the hard work needed to accomplish great things.
Our Education System needs County Leadership to Change the way we are training our children. The trades training is essential for our community and children. We need to start teaching the right students how to become Electricians, Plumbers, Auto Body Repair technicians, Auto Mechanics, Truck drivers and more.
These are all good paying jobs people could walk out of high-school without debt they could start on day one. College is great when you want a Dr or many other professions but its not the only option that’s respectable and profitable. I am calling for starting at 9th grade to train in the trades for our Boces campus and Corning Community to develop a more modern up-to-date training facilities to get our children ready for there future in the trades.

We need people In Government that listen to the people. Fight for the people. And work for the people.

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Ryan Purvis District 6

I’m running for Legislator so that these kiddos will always have a place to call home. My family roots extend back over 100 years in Chemung County, back to the days where we were mainly a rural, farming community. I’m one of the few farmers left in Chemung County!
We need to make a 21st Century commitment to preserving our way of life in rural towns. We need to help secure funding for development of affordable neighborhoods that give preference to rural families. We need better access to the internet. We need our roads given adequate care.
These are all issues that I will make a priority, along with any concerns that you bring to my attention. If we don’t take decisive action, our population will continue to drop, as liberals in DC and Albany try to force people to move into the cities.
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Kaili Evans District 8

Kaili Evans is a lifelong resident of Chemung County. Growing up she attended the Elmira City School District, and after graduating from Edison, she continued her education at the University at Albany. Kaili has her Bachelors Degree in Human Biology, with a minor in Psychology and Medical Anthropology. She spends her days doing the most rewarding job, homeschooling and caring for her children. “Raising kids gives a beautifully unique perspective on the importance of a strong community. There is no better time than now to solidify a free and thriving environment for future generations.”

Learn more about Kaili from her Facebook page:

Adam Bunce District 9

Adam Bunce is running for Chemung County Legislator in the 9th District. Since moving to Elmira in 2010, Adam has discovered a love for all things Chemung County.
It’s Time For Real Change.

Learn more about Adam from his Facebook page:

Todd Moss District 10

My name is Todd Moss and I am running for Chemung County Legislator in the 10th District as a Conservative Republican. 

I am 58 years old, a husband, father, entrepreneur, business owner, and founder of the nonprofit, His Haven. I love God and I love people. I strive to live my life in a way that reflects good character and integrity.

His Haven is an organization created to serve and provide support to those in need in the community of Elmira. At His Haven we help people reach their fullest potential.

I truly care about people… this is the reason I started His Haven… and this is the same reason I am running for Chemung County Legislature. I love our great country, it is still the greatest country on earth and I believe the freedoms we have are worth fighting for.

I am a leader and a man of integrity. You may not know me personally, but it is my desire to know you and to represent you in the Chemung County Legislature. I will stand up, speak up and forge for freedom so that we might not only live in a healthy and strong country for today, but for generations to come.

I will be a voice for my neighbors in District 10. This is the area around Grove Park in Elmira. The issues that concern them are the issues that concern me. I will be providing everyone in District 10 with my contact information so that I can truly represent their concerns. I believe that all our elected officials should be available to communicate and listen to the public.

Learn more about me here on my website: or visit my Facebook page:

Nick Grasso District 11

I am proud to announce my candidacy for Chemung County Legislator, District 11! Currently, I am serving in my 3rd year of a 4-year term, as the 1st District Councilman for the City of Elmira.
I have fought and advocated for accountability and transparency at all levels of City government, all while being nonpartisan. I am currently the only Elected Official in the City that maintains a dedicated and active social media page to keep residents informed. I have consistently voted NO to raising your property taxes, in order to balance budgets. 
It’s time we used common sense and fiscally sustainable practices to balance budgets instead of relying on taxpayers and state/fed aid. I voted NO, on the American Rescue Plan grant, which included a $2,500 bonus for Elected Officials.
I marched alongside thousands of Community Members, Supporters, Advocates, and local leaders in a BLM March in the summer of 2020. Throughout the COVID19 Pandemic I supported, protested, and assisted with the “Chemung County Alive” initiative, which gained almost 2,000 signatures from people across Chemung County. We printed, bound, and hand-delivered these signatures to the County Executive, 15 County Legislators, and the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office. Not long after, the State rescinded the baseless “colored zones.” We then saw County officials sidestepping the Governor’s orders by stating they “didn’t have the manpower/resources to enforce” that our families did not gather for the holidays, July 4th/Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.
United together, we stand!
It is my goal to represent the people of Elmira and Chemung County with logic and reason. With respect to every Chemung County resident’s rights. As Elected Officials, it is imperative that we never forget who we serve – the people of Elmira and Chemung County! I promise to bring the same passion, prudence, and high energy to fight for Elmira at the County level! I am an Elmira Native, born and raised. Raising my own family here, I work here, I play here, just like you; I want you to be proud of calling Elmira and Chemung County your home, just like me!
Learn more about Nick from his Facebook page:

Craig Colwell District 12

Why am I running for County Legislator?
I have no experience in government. That said, I believe the regular citizens of our country and our county are looking for something different than the folks we currently have in politics. People who are well-connected to those currently in positions of power are selected, and then the county continues on with business as usual.
I understand that some of what I’ve written and said are outside the direct purview of a County Legislator. But I bring these issues up because I feel strongly about them, and the people need more politicians that are willing to speak up for them.
I realize I have a lot to learn, and I am up for that challenge. I learn quickly. I grew up on my family’s dairy farm, and we constantly had to find unconventional ways to solve the challenges that inevitably come up when dealing with live animals and older machinery. I later learned how to work well with others under pressure and think on my feet in the fast-paced restaurant industry. In my next career in transportation, I learned how logistics and multiple companies and agencies both positively and negatively impact our world.
I’m good at looking at challenges in unconventional ways. And I believe we need fresh eyes on the challenges facing our county in the years to come. For example, how can we make the nursing home an asset instead of a liability for the county? What is the best way to manage the massive sewer project that is approaching?
I want to look for solutions without always spending more money. We need the government to get out of the way, so I will look for ways to make it more efficient. There are innovative ways to meet the needs of the people of Chemung County while reducing the burden on a tax weary populace.
Some Chemung County residents might feel like outsiders. I urge them to ask questions, attend board meetings, go to protests, and attend other events. I encourage them to find out when their local political party meetings are being held so they can attend, get involved, and advocate for what is important to them. I know it’s uncomfortable. Let’s step outside our comfort zones together and work to see what we can accomplish.
I’ve observed so many people becoming politically active in the last couple of years due to the unprecedented measures undertaken by those who were trying to do the right thing, but seem to have lost sight of what our great country was founded upon – liberty and justice for ALL!
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Caleb Hafler District 13

I believe we are a community with a bright future ahead of us! Here are just a few things that I will be focusing on for the 13th district, when elected!
✅ Always being available to communicate and listen to the public. As well as, opening the legislative meetings up to the public in person. I think transparency is crucial in local government, and I believe in keeping elected officials accountable for what they said they’d do when trying to get elected.
✅Spearhead neighborhood revitalization projects, combat urban blight, and promote home ownership.
✅ Take positive action to help our our local small businesses build back and thrive. They are the back bone of our community.
✅ Support and promote our local, non profit organizations. I strongly believe in change from the inside out, and from the bottom up!
✅ Cleaning up our local parks and public areas. I want to make our community a more welcoming, and vibrant place to live. I’d like to see Elmira become a place where people want to raise their families.
I promise, to the very best of my ability, you will see change in these areas when I’m elected!
Here to listen 🇺🇸 Here to serve 🇺🇸 Here to stay 🇺🇸
Learn more about Caleb from his Facebook page:

Cathy Hendrickson District 14

My name is Cathy Hendrickson, and I am running for Chemung County Legislator in the 14th District as a Conservative Republican. District 14 includes some of the Town of Southport and all of Pine City and Webb Mills.
I am 38 years old and the mother of two wonderful daughters – Austin (19) and Grace (9). I have a certified foster home and over the last 3+ years, I have provided respite and emergency care to nearly 40 children.
I currently reside in the Town of Southport and have lived there for the last nine years. Prior to that, I lived in the City of Elmira for 12 years. I lived in the Town of Southport (Webb Mills and Pine City) for the majority of my childhood. During the time I lived in Elmira, I spent a lot of my time in Southport, where close family members lived. This area has held a special place in my heart for a long time.
For the last 24 years, I have worked at our family business, Image Packaging. I started filing at the age of 14, and over the years, I worked my way up through the business, learning more jobs. I currently manage the business, and I understand the value small businesses bring to local communities. I appreciate the challenges they face, and I strive to be someone who can help our local businesses succeed.
I currently sit on various boards and participate in many volunteer opportunities, including:
● Pennsylvania Avenue United Methodist Church – Board Member
● Boy Scout Troop 43 Committee – Treasurer
● 4-H – Leader of the Horse Power Group
● Business Networking International (BNI) – Chapter Vice President
Other ways I have helped within the local community of Chemung County include:
● Working with the community food cupboard.
● Working as a youth director for eight years.
● Teaching children’s church classes.
I am passionate about my community and the people in it. I am a strong advocate and am often the person people call when they want to get things done.
I never thought I would be in politics, and frankly, I’m not interested in being political or climbing a political ladder. I am here to be the voice of the people. My goals are to:
● Take actions that will support and positively impact the everyday “Joe.”
● Support small businesses and contribute to their success.
● Ask the hard questions about what’s happening in Chemung County and how any changes will benefit its residents.
I want to be an advocate for safety and advancement in Chemung County by making decisions that are based on the Constitution of the United States.
I am not a “Yes Man,” and I will stand up for what is right and turn from what is not. My track record proves it.
I’m excited for the future of Chemung County, and I hope you are too!
To learn more about my election, please follow my Facebook page!
Your support is appreciated!
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