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My name is Todd Moss and I am running for Chemung County Legislator in the 10th District as an Independent. District 10 includes our centrally located Grove Park and surrounding neighborhood, in which my family and I reside.

I am 59 years old, a husband, father, entrepreneur, business owner, and founder of the nonprofit, His Haven. I love God and I love people.  I strive to live my life in a way that reflects good character and integrity.

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My wife Julia and I have four wonderful children who are all young adults. I have one beautiful grandchild with a second one on the way! My wife and I homeschooled our four children while living right across the border in Pennsylvania where we successfully ran a nonprofit organization for fourteen years.  Prior to living in Pennsylvania, we lived in Livingston County, NY, where I owned and operated a security and fire alarm business for almost seven years.  Being an entrepreneur for most of my adult life gives me a lot of personal insight into the heart of the small business owner.

In early 2019, we relocated to Elmira, NY where we founded His Haven. This nonprofit was birthed because my wife and I wanted to be a part of the solution to bring hope for a brighter future to those needing gentle support in our community. We genuinely care about people and wanted the opportunity to be able to directly impact the lives of individuals and families for generations to come. It is for this same reason I am running for County Legislature.

Although I have never been personally involved in politics, I also have never been more confident that now is the time for me to stand up, speak up and take action to be a part of the solution before we lose valuable freedoms, forever. I have a deep awareness and education about politics overall, which I feel makes me a valuable voice for the people in District 10. I am deeply concerned about the direction our country is going and I want to do my part to leave a thriving and healthy country for not only my children and grandchildren, but for yours as well.

I am running alongside a group of integral men and women that feel strongly about making an impact in our current political arena. There is strength in numbers and I am confident that our group of leaders will certainly be able to make positive change.

Where I Stand on The Issues...

I will be a voice for my neighbors in District 10. This is the area around Grove Park in Elmira. The issues that concern them are the issues that concern me. I will be providing everyone in District 10 with my contact information so that I can truly represent their concerns. I believe that all our elected officials should be available to communicate and listen to the public.

Some of the issues our county is facing that I will address:

The upcoming sewer project will be a huge expense. I will help provide oversight and accountability to protect the taxpayers.

The Chemung County Nursing Facility is costing our county when it should be showing a profit. I will be working to resolve this problem.

I will work to remove all of the forced unconstitutional mandates… wearing a mask or receiving any medical care should be a personal decision made after consulting with ones physician and not mandated by state bureaucrats.

We lost many of our small businesses due to the unconstitutional mandates while the big corporate box stores were allowed to stay open. These corporate stores saw record profits while many of our locally owned businesses were forced to close their doors for good. I believe anyone that was in office at this time and allowed this to happen should be in the unemployed line looking for a new job… they should all be voted out of office. I will work to make certain this never happens again under my watch. I will help our small business owners and work to make Chemung County a wonderful and profitable place to grow a business.

We have a growing problem with homelessness, and I will help develop solutions that show compassion to those in need but will weed out those that are looking for a handout. There are people that are milking our system, taking advantage of us. I would like to see these people, that are able, get a job. This will free up resources so we can help those that genuinely need, and want, our help. I believe in teaching a man to fish instead of simply giving him a fish. So, I will work to develop solutions that help people become productive members of our community.

New York property taxes are some of the highest in the nation and Chemung County has one of the higher tax rates within the state. There are many senior citizens that are forced from their family homes because of these high taxes. Many are forced to move out of the state while others are forced into county managed facilities. I will work to have the property tax exemption expanded so that more seniors qualify. This will allow many of them to stay in their homes longer. Providing long term residential care is very expensive so keeping seniors in their own home longer will save the county money in the long run.

There is one Republican running for the 10th district seat, Marty Chalk, and he is the incumbent.  My opponent has been in this seat for many years.  If you want more of the same, more of what we have had for the past 10 years than Marty is your man.  But if you are ready for change let’s thank Marty for his many years of service and devotion to the community but vote for change in November… it is time for change.

Please vote in November for Todd Moss.

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