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Site Design

Everyone can tell immediately if your site design has been done professionally or if it was done by your neighbors 15 year old.  Good or bad, it is a direct reflection of your business.

You want your site design to have a polished, up to date, modern look. This speaks volumes to your customers.  I personally will hit the back button as fast as I can if I land on a poorly designed site.

Site designs today cannot be a glorified brochure.  You will need to engage the visitors with interactive content, social media tools, updated blogs, and your website needs the content and answers the visitor is looking for.

Your site design needs to be hosted on fast servers so that all the pages load quickly and your visitors can find what they are looking for quickly without wasting their time.

If you give your site visitors a good experience than they will be loyal to you for life. It doesn’t matter if you have a small business, big corporation, a ministry or a not-for-profit… you want to give your website visitors a good experience.

Just imagine how a professionally designed website can help you – more sales, referrals, leads, repeat customers!

We will design a new site for you that will have all the  latest social networking features of a modern website… your own blog where you can post articles and updates to keep your visitors engaged on your site, a RSS feed, and links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

This type of design is refered to as “sticky” because it keeps your visitors engaged.

Most importantly your site will be optimized for the search engines so that you can be found by people looking for your services or products.  Our SEO services will bring natural traffic to your website which converts into more sales, or leads for you.

We use content management software for our clients that give you complete control over your website.  You will be able to update your website whenever you want and no knowledge of web design is required! Our content management system is 100% web-based. All you need is a web browser.  If you can type into a word processor than you can update your site… it is so easy.

We will give you a professional site design that will make you stand out from the competition!

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