Should You Use Free Web Hosting?

Talking into a can with a string is a free way to communicate with your neighbor… but free is not necessarily the best route to go in all circumstances.  If you are running a real business you might want to invest in a real phone.

Free web hosting is an attractive option for many people, particularly those just getting started in internet marketing. There are times when it’s useful but there are also several important things you need to keep in mind before setting up a website on a free host. In this article, we’re going to look at some of those factors.

First of all, if you’re absolutely strapped for capital to get your internet business up and running, and have no way to pay for web hosting, then free hosting is a good way to start. The considerations we’re going to cover in this article still apply, but it’s better to start with something than to wait for the right time to come along.

The biggest disadvantage of free web hosting is the fact that you can’t control it – you’re at the mercy of the company providing the service. If they decide to change the rules at some point, the topic of your website or the way the site operates could change and you’ll have no choice but to accept it.

They could also shut down the free hosting at any time, which would result in any traffic and revenue that you’ve built up disappearing overnight.

You might also be limited in how you can configure your website on a free host. You may not be able to use your own domain, for example, so you could wind up with a website that’s running on a subdomain of another site. For example, if you set up a blog on the service, you could wind up with a domain like

This is much harder to brand and can also be more difficult for SEO, or search engine optimization. Some services (such as let you run the site through your own domain, so if you do have to use a free host this can be a good middle-ground at least.

Free hosts also often include their own content and/or advertising on your pages. This can dilute the value of the content you are creating, as well as lead visitors away from the actions that you may want them to take, such as signing up for your email list or buying a product that you’re selling.

When using free hosts, it’s best to avoid using them for your “money” sites – the ones that are generating revenue for you. Instead, use them for “feeder” sites such as blogs or other websites that can provide traffic and backlinks to your own sites.

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Be Blessed!

Todd Moss