Get Popular With YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is an effective platform for video marketing. It is the most popular video sharing website with over 5 billion views since its creation in 2005 and taking ownership of the 20 per cent of the global internet traffic.

Its effectivity in presenting a marketable talent, product or idea stems from its popularity. YouTube has gained global acclaim and critique. Its presence is worldwide with localized versions for 23 countries and with at least 17 languages. Its reputation for free speech and democratic uploading of videos led to its blocking off by seven countries. The blockings only caused YouTube to gain more fan base and citizens from the countries which banned the site were driven to find proxy sites that could enable them to access YouTube.

YouTube’s popularity is a result of its accessibility. The viewers can easily stream videos without having to sign up for membership. Non-members can also get a quick link to post on their own social networking pages. The quick link would redirect the viewer to the YouTube video without the need to sign up for anything. It really works its community sharing to the utmost level. Most YouTube visitors would only care to watch videos but are not interested to upload and share their own. Those who want to upload videos are the ones who need to open a YouTube account.

Most people are discouraged when they are faced with a sign up page before given access to a particular video. The sign up process is a tiresome activity to do especially if you do not really intend to maintain your own profile. YouTube eliminates that process and allows anyone who simply want to watch videos do what they like.

That makes the popularisation of a video or a channel easier to achieve. You can reach anyone and at their convenience they can watch your videos. YouTube also suggests related videos based on tags and keywords used for the video description. This way your video can be lined up beside the more popular ones and share a portion of their viewers.

Keywords and tags will enable your video to be placed beside videos of related content. You need to be careful and thoughtful of the tags you put on your video, it must convey the actual content of the video. Your caption or description must also be apt for the content. Avoid using words that do not describe the video content in anyway, doing so is a misrepresentation and users will think that you are simply foolish and word can get around and no one will care about your channel or any of your videos.

Search for the tags that you intend to use and see if the video search results are at least related to your video. Watch other videos and leave comments, that way you are getting yourself known around the community and lastly send a link of your video marketing to your friends and family to kick off the number of viewers.

Be Blessed!

Todd Moss